1975 One man exhibition Orion Gallery, Penzance.
1976 Two man – exhibition Newlyn Orion Gallery, Newlyn.
1976 Regular exhibitor Penwith Gallery, St Ives.
1980 “Public Hanging” Penwith Gallery, St Ives.
1981 Regular exhibitor Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives.
1981 New Craftsman Gallery, St Ives.
1982 Porthleven Gallery, Porthleven.
1982 Penwith Gallery, St Ives.
1982 Regular Exhibitor Salthouse Gallery, St Ives.
1982 Invitation by architect Barry Briscoe to assist in the painting of Murals at the University of Manhattan,USA.
1984 Celtic Festival Lorient, Brittany, France.
1984 New York Paintings Prints Gallery, Penzance.
1985 “St Ives Now” Penwith Gallery, St Ives.
1987 “Dimensions” Penlee House, Penzance.
1988 “Drawn from Life” Penwith Gallery, St Ives.
1988 “Picture Show” Newlyn Orion Gallery, Newlyn.
1989 Regular Exhibitor Penzance Gallery Tony Sanders.
1989 “Artists Table” Eye Gallery, Bristol.
1989 Mixed Exhibition Duchess Gallery, Bath.
1989 Mixed Exhibition Pastiche Gallery, Leeds.
1989 Selected for Weekend Guardian Newspaper ‘Gallery Page”.
1989 “Recent Paintings” Penwith Gallery, St Ives.
1990 “Open House” Newlyn Orion Gallery, Newlyn.
1990 Mixed Exhibition Suddaby Fine Art, St Ives.
1990 Mixed Exhibition Penzance Arts Centre, Penzance. 1990 Community Arts Projects Kneehigh Theatre Company.
1990 Lecturer – Colour Theory R.A.D.A. London.
1990 Christmas Exhibition Austin Desmond Fine Art, Devon.
1991 Tate Gallery (STAG) Auction David Lay Fine Art Auctioneers.
1992 Mixed Exhibition Andrew Usiskin Gallery, Hampstead
1992 Journeys Project Artists in Schools, Newlyn Orion.
1992 “Bakers Dozen” Rainyday Gallery, Penzance.
1992 Mixed Exhibition New Contemporary Gallery Penzance.
1992 Purchase David Brown collection.
1993 Elected member of Newlyn Society of Artists.
1993 “2x2” One Man Exhibition New Contemporary Gallery, Penzance
1993 Concrete & Chimera (Concrete) Newlyn Society of Artists.
1993 Summer Exhibition Penwith Society of Artists.
1993 Richard De Marco Foundation Edinburgh Festival.
1994 Group Exhibition Newlyn Orion Gallery, Newlyn.
1995 Group Exhibition Austin Desmond Fine Art, London.
1995 Group Exhibition Penwith Gallery, St Ives.
1995 Group Exhibition Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn.
1995 Group Exhibition Rainyday Gallery, Penzance.
1995 Centenary Exhibition Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn.
2000 Regular Exhibitor Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn
2003 Transitions Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn
2003 2 Man Exhibition India paintings Rainyday Gallery Penzance.
2004 One Man Exhibition Penzance Arts Club, Penzance.
2005 3 Penzance painters St Ives Society of Artists, St Ives
2005 Sugar Truck Eden Project
2005 Campden Gallery Newlyn society of Artists selection by Nicholas Usherwood
2006 Newlyn Society of Artists
2007 Rainyday Gallery, Penzance

2007 Mixed Exhibition, Hilton Young Gallery,Penzance


2008One man Exhibition "GARDEN" Trereife Art Gallery Newlyn.
2009 Essex Tyler Gallery Mousehole,Cornwall